Webinar: Turn Your Website Visitors to Buying Customers Using Email

With the dawn of the new school year, it must be about time for the annual death toll of email marketing. Between social media and mobile marketing, some people will tell you that email no longer gets a look in. The average inbox gets hundreds more emails every month than it did just a few years ago, making it more and more difficult to get heard over all that noise.


Not only is the ROI on email marketing still excellent, for the savvy internet marketer, the increased noise actually makes it easier to rise to the surface with relevant, valuable content.

But have you thought about how you’re going to get that wonderful content of yours in front of your ideal customer’s eyes? With the increase in noise, it has become even more vital to carefully target your website visitors so that your opt-in offer is presented at just the right time. Regular Padiact users will know that when it comes to highly targeted offers, we love to help!

PadiAct & INinbox Webinar


And today it gets one step better… we’ve teamed up with email provider, INInbox.com, to bring you an exclusive webinar. We’ll share with you exactly how Padiact and INinbox can work together to supercharge your website traffic from ‘meh’ to ‘magic’.

If you’ve been wondering what it really takes to build a successful business with email marketing this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. We’ll also be digging into our best lessons from collecting over 5 million leads for our customers, as well as giving you specific steps you can take to achieve maximum success from the integration between Padiact and your email provider.

The date and time to add to your calendar is Tuesday September 9th at 11am EST.

There are limited spaces available for this webinar so click here to register instantly.


Webinar: Turn Your Website Visitors to Buying Customers Using Email by Claudiu Murariu

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