Collect Email Subscribers & Leads Using BlackMail

Here at PadiAct we are committed to growing your email leads & subscribers lists.

This is what we know best, this is what we do for hundreds of online businesses.


With this mission in mind we are constantly testing and experimenting with features, pop-ups and targeting rules to find new and effective ways to get you more emails.

Recently, we developed a design that we think will skyrocket your subscription rates.

We introduce you: BlackMail

Hihi! Gotcha!

I had you worried there for a second.


BlackMail is a slick, yet elegant, predesigned subscription form that you can use as a popup, left to right slider and bottom slider, just like the other 2 predesigned styles (Default and Good Old Mail).

Adding the image is very easy, you just need to paste the URL where you hosted the image.

Recommended image width is 200px.

How to Start Using BlackMail

  1. Go and edit your campaign.
  2. Select the style to be BlackMail.
  3. Paste your image URL in the field
  4. Personalize the Interaction Look & Feel
  5. Quick preview it to see if you are happy with the results
  6. Fine tune your copy
  7. Save the campaign.

You’re done. Congratulations.

That’s it. Easy, right?

Now, just sit back, relax, and enjoy “the view” (the reports).

From now on, you will collect email leads and subscribers using “BlackMail”.Collect Email Subscribers & Leads Using BlackMail by Gabriel

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