The people behind PadiCode

When it comes to build a team, we appreciate on the talents no matter where they are located. It’s definitely a challenge to work in different locations, however it is never been an issue and in fact it’s one of the most appreciated values in our team.

  • Claudiu Murariu – CoFounder

    Having 5 years experience in the web analytic industry, he is the one responsible with the product development in PadiCode. In his spare time, Claudiu enjoys extreme sports like paragliding, snowboarding and geocaching. As for now he is residing in the Transilvanian region, the medieval city, Brasov.
  • Rully Hossu – CoFounder

    Although Rully is an Indonesian origin, she is currently residing in Bucharest where PadiCode office is located. She is the one managing the business development of PadiCode, handling anything related to do with sales and daily operational activities. During her spare time, she enjoys dancing and organizing parties.
  • Alex Stoia - Developer

    Although a little bit shy in the real world, when it comes to coding nothing stands in his way. We are yet to hear a “no, it’s not posible” from him. When he is not coding he‘s a master of black and white photography.
  • Gergely Marton - Web Master

    Friends call him Guru, he lives in Cluj and he is the clubin' type. He is the guilty party for how all our apps look and feel.
  • Yustika Yuliardi - Designer

    Yusti is the man responsible for the PadiMan cuteness. He is waking up every morning in between rice fields somewhere at a small city in East Java. He believes that inspiration comes from everywhere, and apparently his creativity is mostly coming from sitting by Bengawan Solo river while he is waiting for his fishing bait to get a bite.