10 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Websites

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Oh, Valentine’s Day!

One of the finest days of the year, a day when ecommerce businesses can drive some serious revenue.

If you are on the hunt for some fresh ecommerce marketing ideas or you just need some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day Marketing campaign, you came to the right place.

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Now, let’s get back to our list.

10 Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Marketing Ideas

1. Increase your email list on the short term

Even though you shouldn’t be lazy and you should be focused on collecting email leads at a good rate throughout the whole year, we forgive you if you didn’t, and we offer you a solution to get a huge amounts of subscribers on the short term.

What you should do is use PadiAct and target visitors with a pop-up and a clever copy.

Here’s an example of what targeting rules you can use:


You can remove the targeting rule about timing if you want to target people as soon as they enter the website, but depending on the website, sometimes is better to leave people some time before you show them the pop-up.

Here’s a pop-up subscription box example and a copy related to your targeting rules:


The Pop-up looks pretty simple, I know, but I’m sure it can drive great results, as eConsultancy reports that a pop-up overlay will increase opt-ins by up to 400%.

To maximize your results from this, consider A/B testing certain scenarios against each other, so that you use the best subscription form for your website.

2. Create a last-minute package

Design a last-minute package for the late birds who didn’t realize that Valentine’s Day is knocking at their door.

You could send out emails a few days before Valentine’s Day to be sure you can also deliver in time any orders.

Extra tip: think about a similar package for the early birds. You need to make everyone happy.

3. Create an ebook called “How to save Valentine’s Day”

How to Save Valentine's Day

“How to Save Valentine’s Day – an Amazon Bestseller”

Offer it as an incentive to people who didn’t order to get their products delivered on time, but will get their products 1 or 2 days after the V Day. Maybe you’ll save a few relationships.

4. Run an online Kissing Booth Content

People can upload pictures of them and their loved ones kissing and they can win products, coupons or they can get different offers at a great price.

To make everyone a winner what you could do is to offer a small discount to all participants.

5. Run A Black-Friday Type of V Day Flash Sale

This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, so you can use that” excuse” to organize a Flash Sale at midnight with huge discounts or incredible promo offers.

Use this opportunity to get rid of unnecessary stock and or sell bundles.

Maybe you can use this opportunity to drive more revenue from your email list, by making this Flash Sale only available to your email subscribers.

6. Create an Valentine’s Day web app

The app should allow people to send love themed e-cards to their loved ones.

Also, together with the e-cards people can also send a voucher or can subscribe their loved ones to your newsletter.

With this one, you are hitting 2 birds with one stone, making people happy and also getting closer to a sale.

7. Offer free luxurious wrapping to available on Valentine’s Day

Insert a tick-box in your checkout process that allows people to check it if they want their order to be gift wrapped in a luxurious paper.

People don’t want to loose too much time with the gift wrapping, so you are saving them time and money and also closing a sale for yourself. Sweet, right?

8. Create gender specific showcases

Help your customers by telling them what gifts are right for their loved ones. We all know, searching for a gift can be a very complicated tasks, nobody wants to screw it up, so this would definitely make your customers’ life easier.

Also considering that the average spent in the US is $130/gift, this will be a great chance to sell more expensive items.

Here’s how Ralph Lauren did it.


Example via PrestaShop Blog.

9. Create specific showcase based on FB relationship status

Thanks to Facebook, people now probably care more about their relationship status than ever. So, you can leverage this to create some kind of specific lists based on FB relationship status.

I think this might appeal to a younger audience, so if you catering to teens this might be an exciting opportunity for you.

10. Rebrand your live chat into “Cupid’s Hotline”

For until you consider Valentine’s Day done as a holiday rebrand your live chat into Cupid’s Hotline.

Instruct your customer representatives on how to suggest gift ideas to your customers. Teach them how to up-sell, cross-sell and how to provide added-value.

This way you make the idea of live chat way more appealing to your customers, and also, you are capitalizing on your customer representatives communication skills to drive more sales.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can try to drive more sales on Valentine’s Day, to get your business noticed or to make your customers happy.

You just need to pick a few ideas, adapt them to fit your needs, and push them hard so that you maximize your efforts.

Please let us know if you enjoyed any of our ideas, or if you have an idea of yours, please share it with us.


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