[Case Study] The KISSmetrics Checklist to Email Marketing

The journey from visitor to customer

KISSmetrics – one of the best web analytics platforms out there

Used tools:
PadiAct – a platform that converts visitors to email leads
AWeber – the email service provider of choice for major blogs and web publishers

Use targeting and segmentation to convert as many visitors into email subscribers. Implement a top notch email marketing campaign based on a mix of autoresponders and regular newsletters to engage subscribers.

300% increase in email subscription from day one
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[PadiAct Tutorial] Increase ExactTarget email lists with the help of segmentation and geolocation targeting

PadiAct product update
PadiAct integrates ExactTarget, adds geolocation and targeting rules tester

The newest version of PadiAct adds some long requested features, thus allowing you to:

  • send targeted email leads directly to ExactTarget
  • target by geolocation, based on the country of the visitor
  • debug and test your targeting setup directly on your website

First let me say that we love the ExactTarget platform which proves to be a solid hub for any direct marketing activities. Just like their name implies, their mantra is all about targeting. It only came naturally to add PadiAct in the mix and make sure that the email leads that are added to your lists are already targeted. Continue reading

Non-sales channels that sell (and do it really well)

Traditionally, a sales channel is a way of bringing products or services to market so that they can be purchased by consumers. That definition might work for offline sales, but online, I feel things are a bit more complex:

  • you don’t take the product to market, you bring the market to the product, which in itself is much more difficult
  • people can’t touch the products, not until they buy them
  • there is no human eye to eye contact so the seller can’t use empathy or improvise based on the potential customer behavior

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Caution: Never Try These On Your Website

caution-signThe scenarios I am about to present to you are not like: kids, don’t try this at home! (which we both know that you look forward to if you get the opportunity).

The following scenarios can and will cause you a lot of damage from which it will be very difficult to recover. They took companies bankrupt, destroyed partnerships and got people fired. Continue reading

Ever wondered if your conversion rate is good enough?

Is my conversion rate good enough? How high can I expect it to get?

I often get asked these questions. In the past I used to give a complicated answer that started with: It depends. It did not really answer the question and it did not satisfy the person who asked.

These days, I ask for a 5 minute access to their Google Analytics account and right there, on the spot, I give them a Yes or No answer. Continue reading

10 Free Benchmark Studies You Shouldn’t Miss

We praise benchmark studies when our businesses is performing better than the industry and we dismiss them when business performs not as good. We often consider them of little value but we hunt them down and look forward to the data they provide.

The truth is, we love to hate benchmarks.

A big red flag to be raised, though! Most often, benchmarks only show averages. Averages say nothing about the high or low performers. When you relate yourself to the average, you become average. Continue reading

What is a Data Layer and how can it help your online business?

Can websites really be optimized with the data available now in Google Analytics? The answer is yes, but it takes a lot of effort. Fear not: data layers, tag managers and tones of free tutorials are here to help and make it much easier for you.

Advanced implementations might look a little scary, especially if you consider yourself a non-technical person, but put some patience in it. You can always ask a colleague who is comfortable with tracking codes to explain the technical parts. Continue reading