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We have some really exciting news: we just finished integrating PadiAct with GetResponse! Starting today, all their users can benefit from PadiAct’s awesomeness at gathering email leads.

For those of you who already are GetResponse clients, you can try PadiAct here, in our Live Demo section. Also, GetResponse did an excellent job of explaining the advantages of using PadiAct, and you can always find us in the App Center.

And if you’d rather find out more about PadiAct right from the source, let me tell you what it does: it helps you increase your email subscription by targeting those more likely to subscribe. All you have to do is add a small JavaScript to your website and set up your campaign to target the right visitors. Because not all visitors are created equal.

Do you know those annoying websites which offer you a newsletter subscription just as soon as you enter the site? Well, not only are they upsetting their visitors, they are also inefficient in acquiring long-term, engaged subscribers, the kind that are more likely to become customers.

The way to find out who are your most valuable visitors is to look at what they’re doing on your website. Someone spending 2 minutes there is more valuable than someone spending 2 seconds; returning visitors are more valuable than those showing up only once; those reading 5 pages are more valuable than those reading 1.

So, when you set up a campaign on PadiAct, you can choose when each visitor sees your newsletter invitation (after a number of seconds, a number of pages, etc.) You can also add more rules, like targeting AdWords traffic for example, or those arriving on your website through a search engine.

The rules you include are as important as the ones you exclude. For example, you can choose which pages to exclude from your campaign (you don’t want to distract anyone if they are about to pay).

Also, you can choose what information to ask from your subscribers-to-be and where to send that information. We recommend you keep it short though, the email and the name are enough in most situations.

For an extra touch, you can personalize your message for each category of visitors.  This way, your returning visitors can get another message than the one they got the first time around, and you can even A/B test everything, to continuously improve your approach. As for the way your message appears, our favorite is the bottom slide window, but the sliding window from left to right gets the best results.

Want to know even more? Check out this detailed explanation on how PadiAct works, give our Live Demo a go or, even better, ask me directly, in the comments below.

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