7 Conversion Optimization Tricks You Should Try Today

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You may obsess over bringing more and more traffic to your website, but I think it’s more useful to obsess over increasing your conversion rate, because at the end of the day, that’s probably the only metric you or your boss care about.

Maybe you are doing a great job on the traffic side, and you are bringing 1000 new visitors a day, but if none of these visitors convert, you will be both disappointed and sad.

The great news is that you don’t need to go overboard with analyzing the traffic and setting up very complex tests to see if you can boost your conversion rates (both micro-conversions and macro-conversions.) Sometimes, all you need are small nudges or quick changes to see radically improved results.

In this article, we offer you 7 conversion optimization tests you could try on your own, and get them running even today.

1. Adding a Picture of a Person Increased Signups by 102.5%

Picture of the landing pages

Picture of the landing pages via Kissmetrics

37 Signals, the people behind Highrise, Basecamp, SVN Blog and several other ventures, managed to improve their signup rates with 102.5% by simplifying their landing pages and adding a big picture with a smiling person.

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Original case study link: Behind the scenes: A/B Testing.

2. Contextual Call to Action Increases Conversion Rate by 591%

Sometimes, very small tweaks to the landing page can generate huge results.

The next trick was so simple, I didn’t even noticed it before I paid more attention to the images.

This was experienced by Nature Air, when they implemented a simple contextual call to action. This test is so simple and it has such a huge impact, that it drives me mad.



the change

Original case study link: Google Website Optimizer Increases Conversion 591%.

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3. Asking customers what they think brought Moz 1 million in yearly revenue

The guys from Conversion Rate Experts, they really know how to create an amazing story.

They helped Moz make 1 million dollars in yearly revenue by following the insights collected from their research conducted with paying customers, free-trial customers and members who canceled.

They asked the following questions:

  • Paying members: what they liked most & how they would describe Moz to a friend.
  • Free-trial members: what it would take for them to sign up for the service, what they liked the most, and how they spent their time on SEO.
  • Members who canceled: “Why? And what would bring you back?”

Based on those responses they developed new wireframes, and then they collected usability feedback from Moz’s twitter followers , and then they launched the new version of the landing page, which in the end, translated in a 52% increase in sales, that means 1 million dollars in yearly revenue.

Even though the whole case study is complex, the simple trick is asking your paying, free-trial and members who canceled relevant questions that can help you clarify your offer, improve your educational resources and solve issues within your product that are making your customers give up your product.

Original case study link: SeoMoz Case study.

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4. Proactive Chat can increase your conversion by 211%

Here’s a great idea for you.

Identify what pages have the highest purchase intent on your website, and add a chat on those pages.

Depending on the product or on your offer, your potentials customers might have a question or two, so it’s best to connect with them in order to solve any issues.

Original case study: How Intuit increased conversion rate by 211% just by using proactive chat.

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5. Responsive webdesign for an e-commerce website: 377% increase in mobile revenue

SkinnyTies sells, guess what, skinny ties and other accessories for men.

Their old website was stuck in the ’90 in terms of design, and they noticed that.

With increasing traffic from mobile devices they thought a responsive website would be the right choice.

They changed their website, added big pictures and easy navigation and that translated in a 377% increase in mobile revenue, and a 42% increase in overall revenue from all devices. That’s what I call a total makeover. :)

Even though the whole redesign process wasn’t a quick solution, the decision is very easy to take. You just have to look in your Analytics software and you let the numbers guide you.

Here’s my personal rule of thumb: If more than 10% of your traffic is coming from mobile devices, than you should have a responsive webdesign, especially if you have a e-commerce website.

skinnyties stats after the redesign

skinnyties stats after the redesign – total makeover

Original Case Study: SkinnyTies and responsive e-commerce.

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6. Improved bullet point drives ~20% more downloads

What if I told that you can increase your downloads by almost 20%, only by changing a bullet point in your copy?


Not for Content Verve, who changed a single bullet point in his copy, and that changed the way visitors perceived his offer.

Old bullet point: Insights and experience from 4 years of research and over 350 A/B tests distilled into one 26-page free ebook.

New bullet point: Read the book in just 25 minutes and get insights from 4 years of research and over 350 A/B tests.

Original case study link: 18.59% Increase in downloads by tweaking a single bullet point.

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7. Headlines matter: 90% increase in conversions for CityCliq

CityCliq is an affordable website builder and they ran a simple test on their homepage.

They tested how people reacted if they changed the main headline on the homepage.

Here are the variants they chose to test:

Pitch Conversion Rate % Improvement over original Statistically Significant?
Businesses grow faster online! (original) 25.3%
Create a webpage for your business 47.8% 90% Yes
Get found faster! 31.8% 26% No
Online advertising that works! 20.2% -20% No

They ran each test for about 2 weeks, and “Create a webpage for your business” won.

Even though I find “Get found faster!” better than “Create a webpage for your business”, my opinion sounds dumb after you see the final results.

That’s why you should always A/B Test your assumption, it might sound better in your head, but that doesn’t mean it is.

Original case study link: 90% increase in conversion rate.

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BONUS: The $300 million dollar button

Do you have an e-commerce website?

Than the last case study will be your favorite, as it is mine.

First-time shoppers might mind the idea of having to register an account with your website. Some people (like me) hate the idea of having to register to every website on the interwebs.

Sure, facebook login made it very easy for people to register accounts and log in, but sometimes, you just don’t want to share your details with certain websites.

That’s why, I really believe, you should have a “guest checkout” option on your website. Some people might drop the order just because they don’t want to register, so why loose that potential customer?

The 300 million dollar button is the perfect back story for the implementation of a guest checkout process, and it’s my personal favorite, because it’s probably the best example of a simple, but powerful feature.

PS: if you need more tips on CRO, you should check out this article from the “Conversion Rate Experts” gurus.

Final thoughts

Optimizating your conversion rate should be a focus for you.

I know that’s obvious, and your probably heard it already from a dozen people, but somehow, I feel the need to convince you again.

Most people run after the traffic, but they forget about closing the deal, because usually traffic is easier to be acquired.

You shouldn’t be sidetracked by earning huge amounts of traffic, but having a balanced approached between generating leads and converting those leads.

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