17+1 resources to get your started with email marketing [Beginner’s Guide]

Article written by Claudiu Murariu

New to email marketing? Need to polish up or refresh your knowledge? We’ve put up a list of resources to get you started right away and on the right foot.

Email marketing is still one of the most successful channels for driving sales and conversions. In fact, we truly believe that the shortest road from visitor to customer is via email.

If you’ve never done email marketing, it’s never too late to start. Here is what you need to know:

Selecting an email service provider

Choosing an email service provider can be a tough adventure, especially with the multitude of choices out there. But everybody needs a starting point.

Huge number of options, but that can only mean that what you are looking for is out there... just not that easy to find.

The huge number of available options means that what you are looking for is out there… just not that easy to find.

1. Email marketing services for small businesses
Be sure to check the comments in the article as well for some alternatives. Most email service providers have more or less the same functionalities. What differs from one to the other is the user experience, the pricing and the support. Every single provider has a free plan or a free trial so you can test them all before deciding on one.

2. The guide for Email Service Provider Comparison
For $500, enterprises and medium to big companies will save tens of hours of research in getting a short list of candidates for the email service provider that fits best their needs.

Generating leads

As you are new to the game of email marketing, your first concern is generate a big enough list of email leads to market to. There are 3 golden rules that you need to consider:

  • don’t rent or buy lists (it’s even illegal in some countries)
  • don’t subscribe people without their knowledge (also illegal)
  • ask subscribers to confirm their subscriptions (or at least use an autoresponder)

3. Email Signup Forms: 4 Things That Lead to Huge Success or Total Failure

1400% increase in subscriptions by just adding that form.

1400% increase in subscriptions by just adding the simple form.

Subscription forms need to be highly visible, they need to promise something, they need to provide evidence that they are legitimate and they need to respect the user privacy. The 5 examples offered by the article are a great starting point for designing your fist submission form.

4. 4 Ways to Build Your Email List With Facebook Timeline
While social media is a great way to spread news, email is more successful with keeping in touch with contacts and customers. AWeber shows us how to drive “fans” and the so called “friends” onto our email lists.

5. 25 Clever Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List
It’s always good to get creative when generating email leads for your lists. Remember though to never deceive or fool people into joining your lists. On the long term (and even on the short term) it will fire back.

6. Email pop-ups: from worst to best!
When targeted, pop-ups and sliders are a highly efficient method for increasing email leads. Things get even better for your website: people that interact with smart email popups spend more time on the website, see more pages and have a higher conversion rate.


PadiAct customers that are targeting segments of traffic with the right message get subscription rates of 10% or bigger.

Designing email campaigns

Designing email campaigns can be painful especially if you want to stand out and provide great user experience. Most design elements are incompatible with at least one email client and that gives nightmares to designers. Thankfully, there are resources that make the lives of email marketers and designers much easier.

7. Newsletter Blueprints

36 easy and well designed templates to start from.

36 easy and well designed templates to start from.

MailChimp provides a great collection of HTML email templates that can serve as a solid foundation and starting point for the design of emails. Though they include elements specific for the MailChimp platform, those elements can easily be stripped out and the templates used on any platform.

8. Mobile email design in practice
Campaign Monitor shares a great responsive design that they have put a lot of effort to make it work both on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices. They also provide the tricks they used to make it work flawlessly.

9. 9 Tricks To Design The Perfect HTML Newsletter
A great list of tips to get you designing high-quality HTML newsletters  right away. If you’re a newbie to the subject you’ll find some great information to get you started in the e-mail marketing design process.

10. HTML Email Gallery

Tones of email designs to serve as inspiration.

Tones of email designs to serve as inspiration.

Inspiration is priceless and hard to come buy, unless you subscribe to tones of newsletters. These guys share some amazing designs of email campaigns from all over the internet.

Sending email campaigns

Treating all your email leads the same will get you only that far. Personalizing campaigns, using autoresponders and A/B testing will offer your a launching pad for improving your email campaigns performance.

11. Email Deliverability Tips
Your email campaigns are worthless if they don’t land in the inbox of your visitors. AWeber offers a set of easy to follow basic tips to guide you in having high deliverability rates.

12. How to send personalized emails in MailChimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor
Each email provider has a great streamlined flow of sending email campaigns, but each has its particularities. The article covers how you can personalize email campaigns for any of the 3 major email service providers.

13. Tips & Tricks For Running A/B Tests On Your Email Campaigns

The concept behind Email AB Testing

Email AB Testing in action

It’s vital to run A/B tests, even for beginners. It’s the shortcut to becoming an advanced email marketer. Improving conversion rates with email can make a bigger difference in your bottom line, compared to other marketing efforts.

14. What you need to know before you start your first autoresponder campaign!
Jordie van Rijn, a well known independent email marketing consultant does a quick round up of autoresponders, from basic to more advanced implementations.

Measuring email campaigns

Measuring and acting on data is what separates men from boys in email marketing (and online marketing in general). Define metrics for your email campaigns, measure them and improve based on the insights you get.

15. Email Marketing: Campaign Analysis, Metrics, Best Practices
Avinash Kaushik, the most loved web analysts on the planet says that email = totally worth dating, engaging, marrying and having babies with. He writes an amazing guide on measuring email campaigns.

16. MailChimp Research

According to MailChimp data, subscribers are likely to open email after 12pm, and the most active hours are 2-5pm.

According to MailChimp data, subscribers are likely to open email after 12pm, and the most active hours are 2-5pm.

Mailchimp shares stats from their users (more than 1 000 000) like email opens by time of day, effects of subscriber recency on open and click rates, open and click rates by industry or business size.

17. Email campaign tracking with Google Analytics
A short how-to and example showing how to track your email marketing campaigns by tagging links in your email with Google Analytics.


17+1. The Anatomy of an Awful Marketing Email
The team at Hubspot created their own truly awful marketing email, and they are walking you through everything not to do in your own email marketing. Sometimes it’s easier to learn like that.

Have I missed anything? Share your favorite resources in the comment section.

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