[PadiAct Tutorial] Increase ExactTarget email lists with the help of segmentation and geolocation targeting

Article written by Claudiu Murariu

The newest version of PadiAct adds some long requested features, thus allowing you to:

  • send targeted email leads directly to ExactTarget
  • target by geolocation, based on the country of the visitor
  • debug and test your targeting setup directly on your website

First let me say that we love the ExactTarget platform which proves to be a solid hub for any direct marketing activities. Just like their name implies, their mantra is all about targeting. It only came naturally to add PadiAct in the mix and make sure that the email leads that are added to your lists are already targeted.

How would you go for increasing your ExactTarget lists by using traffic segmentation and targeting?

First thing first. Set targeting rules

Internet has no boundaries, so the chances are that you will get visitors from pretty much every major country on the planet. But maybe you don’t deliver your products to every country on the planet. There is no point in adding people to your email lists if you can never offer them anything.

Asking every visitor to subscribe, especially if you offer promotions by email, is only going to frustrate people from countries where you can’t deliver. Their only call to action can be: unsubscribe or even worse, mark as spam, which will only have a negative impact on your list health and deliverability.

For the sake of ROI, high conversion rates and healthy email lists, target only the visitors from the countries where you can live up to your promises:


Geolocation targeting rules are available to all PadiAct accounts, free or paid, no matter which email service provider you use.

Are you an ExactTarget user?

etBefore connecting PadiAct to your ExactTarget account (so you can send the email leads directly to your lists), please make sure that:

  • you have created an API user in your ExactTarget account
  • the API user password does not expire
  • you have checked for the new user the following permissions: Grant the user access to the web services

Once the above steps are done, connecting the 2 accounts is just seconds away:



Choose the details you want to collect from your email leads, customize the message you want to greet your targeted visitors with and you’re done.

The moment a user subscribes through PadiAct, they will instantly be included in your ExactTarget list.

Test & Debug Targeting Rules

Once you switch your campaign to active, people will start interacting with PadiAct.

If you feel insecure with the targeting rules that you’ve set, you can now use PadiMan the debugger, that can walk you through your experience with your own website, always letting you know when you will be targeted.


The PadiMan testing overlay will show up on every interaction you (and only you) do on your website as long as you are logged in.

Does PadiAct show up too soon or too late to your visitors? Just go back to your targeting rules and adjust the timing till it feels just right.

PS. Last week, a PadiAct customer set a new subscription rate record: 43%, collecting hundreds of email leads each day.

[PadiAct Tutorial] Increase ExactTarget email lists with the help of segmentation and geolocation targeting by

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