PadiAct, meet Google Analytics! Google Analytics, meet PadiAct!

PadiAct product update
PadiAct gets updated with a brand new reports section that offers valuable feedback on your campaigns.

The reports section of PadiAct finally gets a major  overhaul meant to help you increase your subscription rate.

We’ve always said that, when used right, PadiAct helps you increase your email leads without any negative impact on your website metrics. However you had to take our word for it. Now, we give you access to evidence. Continue reading

4 stories of successful blog content you don’t want to miss


Successful articles are hard to come by.

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if you knew what made an article successful and how to get there yourself?

With this in mind I interviewed four bloggers about their most successful articles. I asked what does a successful article mean for them, and what made these articles perform so well. Read below their stories about content, promotion, goals and success, and be inspired!

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How To Build A Lead Management Process That Runs On Autopilot

There is a long and winding road between getting a lead and converting it into a sale. Sure, there are happy cases where leads fall in love with a product, need it and buy it right away. However, these are the exceptions.

Lead management is the rule for the rest of the time, and this complex process often consumes more resources than anything else. But it doesn’t have to, you can devise a lead management strategy that will save you both time and money.

We looked at what successful marketers are doing and gathered your best options in the infographic below. Take a look and tell us what you think.

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What makes PadiAct tick – Danny Iny’s interview with PadiCode founder Claudiu Murariu

Ever wondered what other businesses are doing to get great results? So did we! And now, thanks to Danny Iny’s series of  Naked Marketing audits, there needn’t be any guesswork involved, we can know for sure.

This 29 minutes interview, part of Danny’s business audit series, will enlighten you on the inner workings of PadiCode and it’s star product, PadiAct. You will learn, among other things, how PadiAct attracts it’s customers, what’s the secret of our 90% conversion rate from trial to paying accounts and what’s the best approach to a rock-star customer service. Listen and tell us what you think.

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New overlay and pop-up design: Good Old Mail

PadiAct product update
new set of overlays and pop-ups for PadiAct campaigns: Good Old Mail.

Exciting news, everyone! We just launched a new set of overlays and pop-ups for PadiAct campaigns: Good Old Mail.

Give it a try, it will only take a minute!  All you have to do is login into your account, go to the Interaction look & feel section, and just choose Good Old Mail.

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5 Highly Effective Lead Generation Strategies for E-Commerce Websites

Today we are learning lead generation from the big guys like Amazon, Zappos, Schwan’s, Woman Within and a few other high converting e-commerce websites.

I selected these highly effective lead generation strategies from some of the best converting e-commerce websites in the world.

You might think that lead generation is something extremely hard to do, but after you will see the examples I gathered for you, it will all look like a piece of cake. And it can be, if you are clever enough to adapt these strategies to your website.
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The Common Sensed Guide to Lead Nurturing

If you are new to lead nurturing, the plethora of articles and guides might confuse you and make you feel like you are digging into an incredibly complicated strategy.

But it’s not like lead nurturing is a rocket surgery. Actually some people have done it before it was cool and easy to be leveraged with technology.

Lead nurturing is often misunderstood because some people are using it badly, and don’t want to admit that.

But you are lucky, you will find out from the start only the good and important parts of nurturing leads.

So prepare yourself to learn a great and effective strategy to turn leads into profitable relationships for your business.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you into the concept of lead nurturing, why is it important for your business and what are some few actions steps you need to take to start nurturing prospective leads. Continue reading

14 Great Tools For Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, everyone has their own favourite tools. And so do we! You can find them below: 14 lead generation tools you can use since before you have a website, until well after your 100th campaign. Cool, right? And to make things even more interesting, I arranged them in 7 categories, according to business stage. Enjoy!
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PadiAct integrates with GetResponse

We have some really exciting news: we just finished integrating PadiAct with GetResponse! Starting today, all their users can benefit from PadiAct’s awesomeness at gathering email leads.

For those of you who already are GetResponse clients, you can try PadiAct here, in our Live Demo section. Also, GetResponse did an excellent job of explaining the advantages of using PadiAct, and you can always find us in the App Center.

And if you’d rather find out more about PadiAct right from the source, let me tell you what it does: it helps you increase your email subscription by targeting those more likely to subscribe. All you have to do is add a small JavaScript to your website and set up your campaign to target the right visitors. Because not all visitors are created equal.

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