How to Handle Existing Subscribers in Your Email Leads Collecting Strategies

When an existing subscriber subscribes to your email lists again, what does it mean to you: a new conversion or just another duplicate email address? Your answer depends on the email marketing strategy you’ve chosen for your business. But no matter what, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on valid new subscribers and neither get too annoying to current ones.

One of the first questions we often get from new clients here at PadiAct is:

How can I avoid inviting an existing subscriber to subscribe?

There are multiple ways of approaching this concern, depending on some details regarding the existing subscriber, specific to your strategy.

Allow me to walk you through the 3 of the most common scenarios we’ve seen here at PadiAct and in return I’ll share with you the recommended targeting rules recipes you can use for best results.

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What We Learned From 3 Million Leads – Part I: Targeting Rules

A few months ago we managed to reach a very important milestone in journey to make PadiAct the best email lead generation tool for all platforms and businesses of all sizes.

That mark represents collecting 3 million leads for our users.

We were extremely happy to hit the mark at the start of the 2014, and this year we hope we can quadruple the amount of leads we collect for our users.

We have a live counter on PadiAct’s homepage, you can check it out if you are curious.

Because we love numbers and we find beauty in data and statistics, we are starting a series of articles called: “What we learned from 3 million leads we collected”.

We hope by sharing more of our stats & data, we can help business from all over the world attract more qualitative leads.

In this series we have a look at how we managed to collect 3 million leads, what proved to be successful, what works and what doesn’t.  Continue reading

7 Conversion Optimization Tricks You Should Try Today

You may obsess over bringing more and more traffic to your website, but I think it’s more useful to obsess over increasing your conversion rate, because at the end of the day, that’s probably the only metric you or your boss care about.

Maybe you are doing a great job on the traffic side, and you are bringing 1000 new visitors a day, but if none of these visitors convert, you will be both disappointed and sad.

The great news is that you don’t need to go overboard with analyzing the traffic and setting up very complex tests to see if you can boost your conversion rates (both micro-conversions and macro-conversions.) Sometimes, all you need are small nudges or quick changes to see radically improved results.

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Go beyond random AB Testing with the help of Psychology and User Testing


AB Testing is awesome. It’s scientific, it’s easy to understand and explain and most of the times it has a very clear result. However it’s not the only way to optimize a website.

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4 ways storytelling can help you master your conversions

Storytelling is a powerful form of communication for driving action. It is an amazing weapon used in marketing, art and entertainment: a great story hooks people and engages them.

I am always amazed how some companies are great at telling stories to their audience and suck at using stories internally, within the organization. Internal communication is mostly based on reports, numbers, charts and most of the times the context is missing. Continue reading

Non-sales channels that sell (and do it really well)

Traditionally, a sales channel is a way of bringing products or services to market so that they can be purchased by consumers. That definition might work for offline sales, but online, I feel things are a bit more complex:

  • you don’t take the product to market, you bring the market to the product, which in itself is much more difficult
  • people can’t touch the products, not until they buy them
  • there is no human eye to eye contact so the seller can’t use empathy or improvise based on the potential customer behavior

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PadiAct update helps you start your first targeted automated marketing campaign with MailChimp

PadiAct product update
PadiAct adds hidden fields to the Mailchimp integration for advanced email marketing segmentation and targeting

Mailchimp and automated marketing? No way, I hear you say? I challenge you!

Let’s stop a little and think about what automated marketing is: a way to automate your communication efforts with the purpose of making them more targeted and efficient. In contrast to email newsletters that target groups of people, automated marketing campaigns target individuals. Continue reading

PadiAct Integrates with Mailjet for Email Leads Management

PadiAct product update
PadiAct integrates MailJet, a real time cloud emailing platform.

If you are looking for a real time cloud emailing platform, Mailjet should be on your list of best choices. To make their solution even more appealing, we are announcing the integration of PadiAct with their platform.

One of the great things about Mailjet is that you can setup both transactional and bulk emails for the leads you manage. I am a big fan of transactional emailing as it adds much needed timing to the relationship with your leads. Continue reading