[PadiAct Tutorial] Increase ExactTarget email lists with the help of segmentation and geolocation targeting

PadiAct product update
PadiAct integrates ExactTarget, adds geolocation and targeting rules tester

The newest version of PadiAct adds some long requested features, thus allowing you to:

  • send targeted email leads directly to ExactTarget
  • target by geolocation, based on the country of the visitor
  • debug and test your targeting setup directly on your website

First let me say that we love the ExactTarget platform which proves to be a solid hub for any direct marketing activities. Just like their name implies, their mantra is all about targeting. It only came naturally to add PadiAct in the mix and make sure that the email leads that are added to your lists are already targeted. Continue reading

Who are the people who subscribe to newsletters and why do they do it?

On average, 64% of your website visitors will probably never want to subscribe to your email program. How about the remaining 36%? What would motivate them to share their email address with you?

It all started with a study we did last year on top online fashion retailers (it included names like GAP, Victoria Secret, Overstock, Timberland, etc.), study from which we got a glimpse on the incentives offered to visitors to subscribe to their email programs. Having that data available, we were really curious on how it matches the users reasons for subscribing. Continue reading

Segmentation in email marketing at a whole new level with EmailDirect and PadiAct

A very good friend of mine would say that segmentation is to email marketing like Pinky is to Brain (I know, my friends are way too geeky). Seriously now, segmentation is crucial for better results simply because it increases the relevancy of your messages by targeting groups of people with something in common.

Seriousness is also what Email Direct had in mind when they implemented their platform for email marketers and made segmentation on of their core features. They have 4 levels of segmentation and PadiAct just added the fifth.

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How to send personalized emails in MailChimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor

After talking about how big shot ecommerce websites are capturing massive amounts of leads by asking for your email, it’s time to cover some basics: how to send personalized emails.

We will cover in this article 3 major email providers: MailChimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor.

Each email provider has a great streamlined flow of sending email campaigns, but each has its particularities. So we need to cover how you can send email campaigns in each and one of them; so if you are not already using one of these email providers, maybe we can give you a hand to see how easy it is to send your campaigns overall.

Before we go deep into the tutorials, let us agree on why sending personalized emails is a good thing.

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How to get demographic data for your online store

Have you ever tried to optimize your website based on demographic data about your visitors? I haven’t. Yet. That’s why I decided to look into it. The first step: find out the demographic profile for your website visitors.

The good thing is that such data is accessible. The reliability depends on how it is calculated and the sample of traffic that each demographic data tool has access to. Where to start?

To get accurate demographics data you only need details about a sample of random visitors. The bigger and the more random the sample, the more accurate the data. Continue reading

[Free] Responsive subscription form perfect for your mobile site

I know you’re busy. We all are, these days. But there’s no need to panic, when time is short, all we need is a bit of help.

For instance, you might want to create a subscription form for your website, one that looks great on any computer or mobile device. But these things are such a drag sometimes, aren’t they? And the optimization will probably take a few good hours, which is practically forever in your busy schedule. Why not just download ours? Continue reading

When it’s the best time to send your emails?

I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want first?

OK, let’s assume you want the bad news first.

After reading a bunch of articles on the matter of scheduling email deliveries and checking out stats from all the big email providers like Aweber, Mailchimp, Get Response and other companies we integrated PadiAct with, I reached a STRONG CONCLUSION.

There’s no specific formula for the perfect delivery time of email campaigns.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are a few patterns emerging from billions of emails sent, and we will talk about them in order to help you find the best time to deliver your emails.

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