Ever wondered if your conversion rate is good enough?

Is my conversion rate good enough? How high can I expect it to get?

I often get asked these questions. In the past I used to give a complicated answer that started with: It depends. It did not really answer the question and it did not satisfy the person who asked.

These days, I ask for a 5 minute access to their Google Analytics account and right there, on the spot, I give them a Yes or No answer. Continue reading

What is a Data Layer and how can it help your online business?

Can websites really be optimized with the data available now in Google Analytics? The answer is yes, but it takes a lot of effort. Fear not: data layers, tag managers and tones of free tutorials are here to help and make it much easier for you.

Advanced implementations might look a little scary, especially if you consider yourself a non-technical person, but put some patience in it. You can always ask a colleague who is comfortable with tracking codes to explain the technical parts. Continue reading

Email marketing reports in real time with Google Analytics

Tell me you’ve never felt the adrenaline rush of pushing the Send button for an email campaign! What’s the first thing you do after you click the magical Send button? I, for one, go to reports and look at opens, clicks, bounces and refresh the reports page to get some real time data.

We look at all those metrics and we hope they have an impact on revenue and ROI. The truth is that we have no idea what happens after a user clicks on a link inside the email. Not in real time, at least.

Google Analytics just announced profiled real time analytics data. Let me translate that: real time email marketing reports included. Continue reading

A 3-step holistic approach by Infusionsoft for converting visitors – into leads – into customers

A setup that, when done right, would meet the expectations of your leads, existing customers and increase their value.

By consuming a lot of time and money, you have managed to collect thousands of leads, follow up on them, sending them marketing messages and continuously update them about your products.

However, when you draw the line, the number of un-subscribers is on the rise, some of your customers left, sales are more or less the same and your sales team gets frustrated and believe that the email leads you collected are not worth a penny.
Continue reading

It’s cookie time! How are UK companies dealing with the new law?

First let me say this: I don’t believe the cookie law can do a single thing to stop abuse of cookies but will just make websites frustrating to deal with.

While we are not under the new law jurisdiction (yet!), we will oblige to it. We are just going to wait a little to see how UK companies are dealing with it.

The law came in effect as of today, so I did a tour of major UK websites to see the methods they implemented to deal with the notorious cookie law.

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