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Looking for a more reliable way of analyzing your email campaigns?

Here are 4 facts on email marketing.

  • The vast majority of online sales companies still use transactional emails as part of their marketing efforts.
  • Email marketing campaigns have open rates of up to 40-50% and click rates of around 10-20%.
  • Email marketing campaigns are here to stay.
  • The more people get used to online marketing campaigns, the cleverer you have to be with the content and timing of your emails sent to the clients.

So… Just between us…

Have you ever conducted an email marketing campaign that didn’t have the desired results and kept wondering what went wrong?

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing on Valentine’s Day

According to US National Retail Federation, in 2012 alone people were willing to spend on average $126.03 on Valentine’s Day for their significant other.

In 2013, the spend went up to $130.97, so the total spend related to Valentine’s Day in the US was estimated at 18.6 billion dollars. In 2012 it was 17.6 billion dollars.

Just like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated by pretty much everyone nowadays. Actually, it isn’t just an american tradition anymore, countries all over the world are celebrating Valentine’s Day, and businesses are looking to leverage this.

As always, email marketing is  probably one of your best bets to capitalize on people’s willingness to spend money on Valentine’s Day.

Add some creative advertising and some engaging social media content to the mix and you got yourself a winning strategy.

Opportunity: checked.

Strategy: this article will help you out with that.

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Go beyond random AB Testing with the help of Psychology and User Testing


AB Testing is awesome. It’s scientific, it’s easy to understand and explain and most of the times it has a very clear result. However it’s not the only way to optimize a website.

In fact, AB testing random things on your website will only get you random results. Adding some structure and research to your testing strategy will pay off big time. I have seen many optimization strategies that start with the AB test when in fact they should end with it. Continue reading

4 ways storytelling can help you master your conversions

Storytelling is a powerful form of communication for driving action. It is an amazing weapon used in marketing, art and entertainment: a great story hooks people and engages them.

I am always amazed how some companies are great at telling stories to their audience and suck at using stories internally, within the organization. Internal communication is mostly based on reports, numbers, charts and most of the times the context is missing. Continue reading