You asked for it and it’s coming: Unlimited steps in PadiTrack Funnels

Article written by Gabriel
Community manager at PadiCode
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A while ago we asked PadiTrack users how we should improve the product.

The majority answered that we should add more steps to the funnels in PadiTrack, and we are glad to announce that you will soon be able to configure unlimited steps when you set up the funnels.

We are planning to launch a revamped version of PadiTrack in the first 2 weeks of January.

PadiTrack has grown from 0 to 10176 users. We are very grateful and we have you to thank for that.

Launching the new PadiTrack

We are in the final phase before the release, and we can’t wait for you to see the improvements.

Meanwhile, until we launch PadiTrack “2.0” you can see how the UI looks like and maybe you can give us some feedback to make it more insightful and useful.

horizontal-view vertical-view

horizontal vs vertical

Thank you again for choosing PadiTrack to take control of your conversion rate.

You asked for it and it's coming: Unlimited steps in PadiTrack Funnels by

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  • Laurens Groenendijk

    I really miss the feature to compare dates with each other, like in GA

    • cllaudiu

      Hi Laurens,

      Comparing funnels is a tricky and complex issue. It is something we are looking at as an option but for now, I guess, the only thing that can be done to replicate it is to have 2 PadiTrack tabs opened with different dates and compare them as such.

  • Tweed Echidna

    Do you have a release date? Thank you

    • cllaudiu

      Hi Tweed. It was supposed to go live on Wednesday but testing is taking a bit longer than expected.
      The new release date, which should not be delayed again, is next Tuesday.